Celebrate your birthday party at Speelboerderij Elsenhove in Amstelveen! The Speelboerderij combines a petting farm with a large playground. Play with all your friends at the large playground and meet all the farm animals. Please find all the info you need below. You can make your reservation here.

Birthday Party in Private Birthday House

If you’re celebrating your child’s birthday party with us, the kota (the green Finnish log cabin next to the Teahouse) is specially reserved for you and your guests! You have your own private birthday house that can accommodate parties of about 14 children maximum. Outside you have a private picnic table. The kota is cozy with a Dutch farm look. Click here to see pictures of the kota.

The organization of the party is up to you, but we are sure you have no problem having a great time at the farm, for example at the large playground.

You can plan your party from Tuesday to Saturday. There are four time slots for your stay in the kota: from 10:30 to 11:30 hours, 12:00 to 13:00 hours, 13:30-14:30 hours or from 15:00 to 16:00 hours. Of course you’re welcome to stay as long as you want at the farm – before and after your time in the kota. If you want more time in the kota, you can also book a double hour. Please mention it at the form.

At Sundays we have 15:00-16:00 available, but you can also book the Sunday-Plus for € 20 extra. Then the kota is yours from 14:00-16:15 h.

It can happen that the kota is already booked at the time and date you had in mind. No problem, you can also celebrate your party at our terrace or in our cafe. We reserve tables for you. Or take the basket that you get from us outside and make it a picnic! You can get the same birthday packages but prices are less. There are no time slots for these parties: you can let us know when you want to have your party at the reservation form.


Each kids gets a a ‘speurtocht’: a quest to find all the animals at the petting zoo. If you have found all animals, you have seen the whole premise! Though it is in Dutch, the kids won’t have a problem as there are lots of pictures in it.

Birthday Party packages

  •  Birthday Party Package 1 (basic): We provide a basket that you can take to the kota. Included are: rent of kota, the quest for the kids, lemonade, chips and ice cream. Costs are € 7.00 per child, with a minimum of five children (€ 5.50 in the cafe/at the terrace)
  • Birthday Party Package 2 (‘dikbuik’): Would you like a small meal and drinks with your friends in our Teahouse afterwards? No problem too. Treat your friends with ‘poffertjes’ or ‘worstjes’ and drinks in the Teahouse. Included: rent of kota, a quest for the kids, 2 times lemonade, chips, ice cream and ‘poffertjes’ or ‘worstjes’.  € 9.50 per child. (€ 8.00 in the cafe/at the terrace)
  • Go-Green Party Package: serve your little guests organic treats. Included: rent of kota, a quest for the kids, organic apple juice and spelt flour toast with cheese (‘tosti kaas’). € 8.50 per kid.(€ 7.00 in the cafe/at the terrace)
  • Extra for all parties: Small box with sweets to thank the guests, with a wooden Lucky doll. € 1.50 a piece.

At your request we can also serve a Kosher-style package (quest, Karvan Cévitam lemonade, Lays chips natural en Festini ice (€ 7.50 per kind, op het terras/in het Theehuis € 6.00). If you choose this package, please let us know in teh Comment box at the reservation form.

We have no packages for adults; they can get drinks or snacks at the teahouse. If you want, you can use our vouchers for your adult quests that you can pay for at the end of the party.


activiteit kinderfeestje elsenhoveAlthough all kids will enjoy their selves at the farm and playground and probably will run out of time, you can add an extra activity: face painting! We work together with Mandy of Lovely Faces. You can make arrangements for face painting directly with Mandy. You’ll find the website here.

You could also play Pin the Tail on the Donkey, in Dutch ‘Ezeltje Prik’. We have a safe version: kids get a sticker so there are no pins involved. You can take the large poster with you, a nice keepsake of your child’s party. Pin the tail costs € 3.75 (total)

Reservations, questions & availability

Reservations are required for all parties, so book your reservation today! Please fill in this form to make your reservation, to check availability or to ask us your questions.

Practical information

  • You can pick up the key for the kota and the basket at our ‘Theehuis’. You can make the payment there as well at the end of the party (PIN available)
  • It’s allowed to bring your own birthday cake as long as the kota stays clean. It’s not allowed to bring other food and drinks.
  • If you cancel your party within 14 days of the set date, we need to charge you € 25.00.
  • The farm closes at 17:00 h sharp. Payments for parties at the end of the day have to be made before 16:45 h.